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Al Nada Palaces Furniture is an undisputed leader in flooring, offering vinyl rolls collections for residential and contract markets. Our beautiful and seamless cushion vinyl rolls are the way to go if you’re looking for easy installation, great value for money and a waterproof flooring solution. With widths varying from 2 to 5 meters, we are proud to offer the market's pre-eminent, accessible flooring solution. Our vinyl flooring solutions bring warmth to homes, identity to stores and usability to workplaces.

Discover what more advantages our cushion vinyl rolls have to offer.

Aged oak 916D_list.jpg


  • Thickness: 2.80 mm

  • Wear Layer: 0.20 mm

  • Total Weight: 1530 g/m²

Antique Oak 091S_list.jpg


  • Thickness: 2.80 mm

  • Wear Layer: 0.20 mm

  • Total Weight: 1500 g/m²

Sand Stone 919D_list.jpg


  • Thickness: 2.30 mm

  • Wear Layer: 0.15 mm

  • Total Weight: 1365 g/m²

Bradley 509M_list.jpg


  • Thickness: 2.80 mm

  • Wear Layer: 0.25 mm

  • Total Weight: 1650 g/m²

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